client snapshot

John R. Ferrari

"We realize you are not like every other company in the industry - you are unique and that is why you are where you are. We understand that and want to support you so your real estate supports the most efficient business operation."

In Your Shoes

John Ferrari has managed the Real Estate and Administration functions of multiple FORTUNE 500 Companies for over 30 years prior to joining BabsonRE.

40% Cost Reduction

With thoughtful and patient strategy, we were able to help reduce one client's real occupancy cost per employee by 40%. What can BabsonRE do for you?

Unrivaled Expertise

Our team has conducted over 2,000 transactions in 49 states & 11 countries for Financial Services companies.

Our team has a combined 50+ years experience in the financial services industry. We've managed the real estate for financial services companies both directly, on the inside, and represented companies on a national and international basis. Our combined portfolio experience exceeds 1,250 locations in this sector, alone.

  • Site Search & Lease Negotiation
  • Mapping
  • Financial Modeling
  • Owner Build and Build-to-suit
  • Lease Review (Team lead is an Attorney)
  • Acquisitions & Dispositions
  • Portfolio Review
  • Project Coordination with Project Management

We understand that each financial services firm is unique in their market position. In addition, for many companies, each office is unique representing its own segment of the market. For many national firms, there is a drive to meet metrix - but we are never afraid to point out where we believe a metrix driven decision is the wrong business decision.